About the Organisers

Aspiration (

Aspiration connects nonprofit organizations with software solutions that help them better carry out their work. We want nonprofit organizations to obtain and use the best software to maximize their effectiveness and impact so that they, in turn, can change the world.

Aspiration identifies what is available and what is missing in the nonprofit and NGO software arena. We foster relationships, delivery systems, and sustainability strategies between NGOs and their tech support organizations around the world.

Tactical Technology Collective (

Tactical Tech is an Amsterdam-based NGO working in developing and transition countries. Together, its founders have more than ten years of experience working to encourage the tactical use of technology by the voluntary and educational sectors. The organisation directs and supports between forty and fifty projects yearly in the areas of alternative access and strategic technology use and is the primary advisor to the Open Society Institute’s ‘Technology Support for Civil Society’ project.

Tactical Tech works to increase technology use within NGOs in developing and transition countries. This is done through, building local technology expertise, raising awareness, breaking-down technology choices for NGOs, and building links between the non-profit and technology sectors. Activities include:

  • organising practical hands-on workshops
  • hosting peer learning events between the NGO and technology sectors
  • creating and distributing guides, think-pieces and bespoke products
  • producing maps and overviews of certain issues within the sector
  • assisting local partners in the design of projects
  • advising foundations on projects and strategic planning
  • building links and promoting skill exchange across regions